Welcome To Our Store

We are a premium pet product company producing eco friendly, natural and organic luxury pet shampoos, balms and sprays to care, soothe and calm for the delicate, sensitive, irritated, dry, itchy, flaky, control odour and protect against microorganisms for comfortable skin and coat for your beloved dogs, horses and cats etc.

Our botanical enriched luxury pet products are formulated to multitask,  safe and gentle for your children to bath your furry friends under your supervision.

Our unique products are packed with natural and organic goodness also helps to reduce allergies, scratching, fleas, mites, flies, ticks and bugs, whilst especially selected natural and organic essentials helps calm, soothe and comfort your pet.

Our products are used by professional groomers for their gentleness, effectiveness and quality.

You will not find these harmful ingredients in our product:

            No Parabens

            No SLS/ Sulfates

            No Phosphates

            No Petrochemicals

            No Artificial Colours

            No Phthalates

            No Synthetic Fragrances

           Our products are not tested on animals

Award Winning Pet Products