Calming Organic Hemp Oil  - For Dog & Cats  30ml

Calming Organic Hemp Oil - For Dog & Cats 30ml

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Calming Organic Hemp Oil For Dogs & Cats is an effective products that is highly beneficial for skin conditions such as dermatitis, itching dry, flaky  skin, healing nutrients, soothing, promotes efficient digestive function, immune system whilst improving general health and inflammation associated with allergies and other condition. Hemp oil is also rich omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids to support healthy skin, full of vitamins A, D & E, has health enhancing benefits that  proven to help to relieves stress, separation anxiety, aid sleep, naturally support joint & hip health, mobility, skin & coat, aggression & stress due to travel, being left home alone, thunderstorms, fireworks, grooming, bath time, vet visits & other causes of dog and cat stress. Your best friends will appreciate you for his new products and a healthy shiny coat too.

*100% Organic Hemp Oil

*Premium Quality

*Max Strength

*Dietary Supplement

*Made & Certified in the UK

Key Benefits

* Relieves Stress

* Aid Sleep

* Supports Joints & hip Mobility

* Improves Healthy Immune System

* Improves Skin & Coat Conditions