2 in 1 Hair Wash 250ml (Unisex)
2 in 1 Hair Wash 250ml (Unisex)

2 in 1 Hair Wash 250ml (Unisex)

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Description: Gentle shampoo and conditioner will put moisture back into weather affected hair, especially dry, brittle, damaged and luck lustre hair. This conditioner is richly packed with, anti-oxidants, vitamins, amino acids, proteins and botanicals to repair and restore dry, damaged and stressed hair whilst nourishing, hydrating, protecting and boosting shine for beautiful and bouncy hair.


Directions: Apply a small amount to damp hair from root to tips after shampooing and leave for a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and pat dry and style as usual.

 Product Benefits

  • 100% Natural and Organic & Botanical Extracts
  • Repairs & Restores Vitality
  • Improves scalp Circulation
  • Reduces damage
  • Nourishes & protects 
  • Strengthens Hair
  • Repair Split End
  • Promotes Healthy Hair

Key Ingredients & Benefits

Pro- Vitamin B5: Is excellent on sensitive scalps as it soothes, lubricates and protects the hair shaft, softens, strengthens and improves damaged and brittle hair. It coats split ends to stop them getting worse, it also helps to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth, making hair easy to handle and style, adds lustre and shine to the hair.  

  • Coconut oil: Is high in vitamin E and other nutrients, and your hair can absorb them all. The result will be hair that is thicker, shiner, healthier and has stronger roots. lauric and capric acid, which have amazing antimicrobial powers and keeps hair and scalp healthier and prevent dandruff, itchy scalp and infections.

  • Flaxseed oil: Is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, which helps maintain healthy hair, promotes hair growth, prevents hair fall, eliminates dandruff and flakiness on the scalp. Also prevents moisture loss, keeping hair healthy and lustrous.

  • Kukui oil: is rich amino acids and essential fatty acids which makes a helpful treatment for itchy scalp or dandruff, the oil also penetrate the hair shaft and leave hair looking healthy and moisturised.

  • Cosmetic Prebiotic-prebiotic helps to recover the friendly bacteria.
  • Aloe Vera: Rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B4 and B12 and minerals such as: potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, silicon, iron, lithium, copper and germanium. It is also anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory that has soothing and calming properties as well.

    • No petrochemical derivatives, No synthetic colours or fragrances, No harsh detergents and No mineral oils, No animal testing.