Refreshing Wake-up Bath & Shower Gel 250ml (Unisex)

Refreshing Wake-up Bath & Shower Gel 250ml (Unisex)

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Description: A refreshing shower and gel packed with natural goodness to be enjoyed at any time especially in the morning for young sports person, will cleanse whilst moisturising and hydrating the skin, leaving you invigorated, wide awake with healthy, toned skin.

Directions: Apply a small amount to the body, massage in or use in the bath. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Caution: External use only

Key Ingredients & Benefit

Aloe barbadensis- soothing, nutrient-rich, healing and anti-inflammatory, also rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B4 and B12 and minerals such as: potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, silicon, iron, lithium, copper and germanium. It is also anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory that has soothing and calming properties as well.

Panthenol-holding moisture and boosting skin metabolism.

Vitamin E: Is a powerful anti-oxidant, protecting the skin from harmful free radicals. It also penetrates deep into the cells, helps activate cell proliferation, helps promote wound healing and may reduce UV-induced damage. It is also a powerful moisturiser.

Hydrolysed Oat Protein: Rich in nutrients and is incredibly good for skin as it not only moisturises but softens and creates a protective film on the skin. This protein enriches with skin as well as helping to reduce the signs of aging by adding such a large amount of hydration to the skin and locking in any beneficial nutrients.

Bergamot Essential Oil: Has a fresh, warm, slightly spicy-floral aroma, it is also reviving, calming, soothing, balancing, anti-depressant, analgesic, antiseptic, deodorant, stimulant, tonic and carminative.

Lemon oil: Is freshening, cleansing, lemony scent, it is also purifying, reviving stimulating while it is also calming, it has astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, and antifungal properties. 

Cypress Oil: A refreshing and masculine scent that restores calm, soothes. Improves circulation, detoxifies, It also reduces inflammation , preventing bacterial and other infections on the skin.

  • No petrochemical derivatives, No synthetic colours or fragrances, No harsh detergents and No mineral oils, No animal testing.