About Us

                                                          Our Story  

 We all love and adore our pets and they are a very important part of our family, so imagine my difficulties when I found myself (after a hysterectomy) suddenly becoming allergic to our pet of seven years, Charlie, due to high levels of petrochemicals in the products we were using on Charlie.

Over the years Charlie and I have shared irreplaceable memories, with him sitting next to my laptop for hours on end whilst I worked or following me around the house. Other pet owners will know that we share a deep, emotional connection with our beloved pets so to find myself suddenly unable to touch Charlie without running for the shower, it was heartbreaking to know Charlie didn't understand why I had become so distant with him.

I knew there had to be a better way and more suitable, natural and clinically proven ingredients and products for pets that would aid their owners who are going through similar situations or owners who simply want the best for their pets.

With many years of skincare formulation experience, this was an exciting division for me to work on, one that has brought me an enormous joy to know that, not only am I looking after myself but I am caring for our Charlie in the best possible way and ensuring his little body will never be loaded with unwanted chemicals again.

                                                Our Philosophy is:-

If an ingredient is not healthy for our family to use on ourselves than it is not healthy to go into our Pet Products either.

With this in mind we aim to produce products that are safe and healthy for both pets and owners. The products are multifunctional, helping reduce allergies and provide protection against microorganisms on pets and also within the home. The products help to soften, soothe and calm sensitive, irritated, dry, itchy and flaky skin with the added bonus of controlling odour and more.

I hope you and your pet enjoy using our products and see the true benefit of using gentle and natural products– we would greatly appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions.

Thank you

Charlie And Friends Team